Brendan CoachingBrendan Curson – As the Program Director for the Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club, Brendan runs the youth and family whitewater programs in Saskatoon. He is a CKC/NCCP Comp Dev (Level III) whitewater kayaking coach and instructor, a CKC/ NCCP Level II Learning Facilatator and is currently working on his NCCP Level IV coaching diploma. Brendan moved from Alberta in 2007 and now resides in Saskatoon. When he is not running kayak programs in Saskatoon, Brendan is a technical coach with the Canadian National Canoe Kayak Slalom Team and participates as a board member of both Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan and Canoe Kayak Canada. Brendan has been kayaking and canoeing for most of his life and has been part of the canoe slalom racing community as an athlete and coach for 25 years.



One thought on “Coaching

  1. Hey there,
    Your website looks great! We will add the link as soon as we can. We are off to Edmonton this weekend for a trade show and we will take your info for any interested parties!
    Praying for the warm weather!

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