Paddler Resources

Here you will find some useful reasourses for your learning and training:

SWKC 2011-2012 Yearly Training Plan

SWKC Mesocycles

ASG Standardized Test

Links to Help Improve Your Paddling Technique:

Australian Paddling Strokes Video

Davy Hearn’s Technical Hints

UK Canoe and Kayak Slalom Video Series for K1, C1 and C2

ICF Video, including The Forward Stroke with David Ford

Upstreams wih Daniele Molmenti

Evil in the Upstreams (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Respect the Project C1 technique (part 1, navigate to parts 2-6)

Freestyle with Kelsey Thompson

Jackson Kayak University

Technique Video on Rolling

Peformance Video Incorporated (Kent Ford)

Intro: Identify Your Roll

C to C Roll:

and this one:

Sweep or Screw Roll:

Back Deck Sweep Roll:

Back Deck Rodeo

Common Threads of Kayak

In a slalom boat. Instruction in French:


A fabulous series of videos from Twelve Productions

This is Who We Are –

It’s Sick, It’s Sweet, It’s Sandiline!! –

Benjamin Boukpeti Teaser –

Augsburg World Cup –

Check out the new movie “Stakeout” online!!! This is shot on the Ottawa by the boys from the Ottawa Kayak School. Available in HD!!!

Regular Resolution

HD Resolution

Video from the ICF Women C1 Camp held in conjunction with 2009 Worlds.

Check out this mix video of the Freestyle World Championships in Thun, Switzerland.

Check out this video of the Chinese Nationals. This course is MASSIVE!!!!! And to think the CKC was worried about hosting our Sr Team Trials at Rutherford!!!

Here is a new video traier from Steve Fisher!!!! Enjoy!!

Canada’s own John Hastings at the Pau WC#1

Some more cool Dartfish Video from WC#3 in Augsburg

Video from World Cup #3 in Augsburg, Germany

Teva Mtn Games – Steep Creek Competition

Mike Dawson, 2009 Steep Creek Champion Teva Mtn Games – Vail, Colorado

World Cup #2 – Bratislava Slovakia

Video taken at World Cup #2 this past weekend in Bratislava, Slovakia. The first video is Campbell Walsh vs Danielle Molmenti (Gold and Silver respectively in K1 Men) and the second video is Michal Martikan vs Janus Jezek (Gold and Silver respectively in C1 Men)

Check out the rest of the videos on the Dartfish website

World Cup #1 in Pau, France

Upstream Gate with Daniele Molmenti

The Call of the River!!!!

Here are some new slalom videos from races and camps that have already happened this year!!! Enjoy!!! – – – –

New video trailer from Scott Lindgren Productions – Steve Fisher – Black Book. ENJOY!!!!!

Check out the video of 8 year old Henry Hyde running a waterfall in Texas. Just a reminder….THIS KID IS 8 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!

Imagine the possibilities of a whitewater park in Saskatoon!!!!!

The Canadian Slalom National Team Trials are coming to Ottawa in 2009. For information check out the Ottawa River Runners website:

For more information on Canoe Slalom in Saskatchewan contact our Program Director Brendan Curson (contact information in the Whos Who section). In case you are wondering what Canoe Slalom is, below you will find some  slalom videos including: Single Kayak, Single Canoe, Double Canoe, and because it is not all about racing, some Slalom fun. Also check out these 6 short videos about slalom called “Evil in the Upsteams” featuring Canada’s own David Ford which can be reached at  THIS LINK. Enjoy the videos below:)

Recently the Alberta Canoe Slalom Team headed off to Mexico for a training camp. The SaskWhitewater Team is pretty sure all they really do is sit around on the beach and tell us they train!! On one of the last days in Mexico they decided to go run a pool-drop river run they had heard about. When they arrived they found that it had been flooded out and were unable to paddle the run. At the put-in they found some local paddlers who had decided to run the waterfall before the run starts. This seemed like a good oppotunity to run a pretty safe looking waterfall so a couple of the top guys, Connor Curson and Paul Manning-Hunter, decided to do it as well. Check out the video below to find out the rest. Check out for more pictures and stories about the Alberta Canoe Slalom Team  Mexico trip.


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