Family Into to Kayak Session #2

Hey Folks,
Our next Family Into to Kayak Session will start March 7th. This program is geared toward anyone wanting to learn to kayak in a warm, safe environment AND anyone wanting to work on their skills to prepare for the coming paddling season!!
Sessions run Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:00pm at the YMCA pool in Saskatoon.
Cost for 7 sessions is $75/family. Yes, you read that right:)
Contact us at to register!!


2 thoughts on “Family Into to Kayak Session #2

  1. Does this course cover role overs and the whole works? Interested in getting the wife and I into kayaking and this seems like a good starter program. Are there still available slots?


    • Hey Jesse,
      Yes, we cover getting in and out of your boat, strokes, and rolling. We have room in the session that runs Tuesday night from 7-8pm.
      For registration you can email and provide your names to hold a spot.

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