Whitewater National Championships

WOW!!!! Super proud of the Saskatchewan/SWKC athletes competing today at National Championships in Valleyfield, QC!!!!

Kylie Zirk – 13yrs old, 1st Nationals, K1W & C1W Cadet – Silver (2nd) in Downriver Classic, Silver (2nd) in Downriver Sprint, Silver (2nd) in K1W Slalom, and GOLD (1st) in C1W slalom!!! BLING BLING!!!

Jakob Kryworuchko – 11yrs old, 1st Nationals, K1M Cadet – 8th in Slalom (1st in Cub Cadet but not Cub Cadet class this year so racing against 14yr olds)(also raced Downriver Sprint but do not have a result yet)

Maksym Kryworuchko – 15yrs old, 1st Nationals, K1M Junior – 8th in Downriver Classic, 11th in Downriver Sprint, and 8th in Slalom. First year Junior so racing against 18yr olds.

Ben Lapointe – 15yrs old, 3rd Nationals, K1M & C1M Junior – 14th in Downriver Classic, 12th in Downriver Sprint, 12th in K1M Slalom, and 9th in C1M Slalom. First year Junior so racing against 18yr olds. Unfortunately, Ben’s Junior National Team C2 partner Sam Fletcher injured his shoulder and was unable to paddle C2 with Ben.

Congrats to all the other competitors and many thanks to all the parents, volunteers, and coaches that make our sport so awesome!!!


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