Summer 2010

So it has been a while since our last post. Since then the club has been extremely busy with activities on and off the water. Most notably, we have been busy PADDLING!!!! The spring slalom sessions ended off well with everyone paddling really well. Since then we have moved onto the river here in Saskatoon. We have been paddling every Monday and Wednesday since the middle of June. We would have liked to start earlier but the start of June was the wettest in recent years and between the frequent storms and major flooding we were kept off the river.

We have also done a couple of short day trips around town. The longest and most eventful was the first Tuesday of summer holidays. We travelled up to Paradise Beach with the goal of paddling down into Saskatoon. I had been informed that this trip should only take around 3 hrs but I had the kids pack lunches anyway with the idea that we could eat on an island somewhere. The trip was full of fun experiences including lunch on a sandbar and a crazy windstorm which gave us the opportunity to crash through and surf some big waves!! Though the trip ended up taking us 5hrs to complete, everyone was in high spirits and was excited about our adventure. Pictures below….

Later in July, we held the first of our fundraiser BBQs. This was a great learning experience on what not to do for fundraisers:) Though everyone had a great time, the money we earned from this experience was not worth the effort. Pictures below….

We are excited about our upcoming whitewater camp in August!!! This trip is always a load of fun and we are excited to take part in the Alberta Cup Slalom Race as part of the camp!!!

More news to come later, but in the mean time, see you on the river!!!!!

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