Sundre Chlorine Cup and CKS AGM

Sundre Chlorine Cup

On March 20/21, members of the Saskatoon Whitewater Kayak Club headed out to Sundre, Alberta to participate in the 2nd Annual Sundre Chlorine Cup. As part of the Chlorine Cup series, this event was another tremendous opportunity for the SWKC kids to challenge themselves in the disciplines of slalom and canoe polo!!!

The event was a hit, drawing paddlers from all over Alberta as well as a small contingent from SWKC. Many of the National team canoe polo players showed up as well as a couple National junior team slalom members making the event very competitive and made for great entertainment for our young and eager group.

The weekend started off with a canoe polo tournament which lasted all of Saturday!! The novice youth division was stacked with young talent and was a blast for all the kids. It was great to see our club kids competing hard with the more experienced Alberta kids. The adult division was also stacked with talent as each team had at least one national canoe polo team member!!! Games were tight, fast, and extremely competitive. By the time everyone had played 5 games each, the majority of paddlers only wanted to find the nearest pillow and crash!!

Sunday saw a very intense slalom competition. Local Provincial and National team coach Mike Holroyd came out to help run the slalom event and created a fantastic head-to-head knockout style slalom competition. It was great to see paddlers of all backgrounds competing in kayak, C1 and C2 all while racing head on against another opponent!! Once again, the talent young and old was fantastic to watch and everyone had a tremendous time.

Congrats to Ben Lapointe, Kylie Zirk, Tyrel Knoblauch, and Jade Knoblauch for their inspiring performances in both events. SWKC proved they were a force to reckon with as all our kids hit the podium in multiple events!!

Many thanks go out to Keegan Smith and Christie Siddle of the Sundre Kayak Club for hosting such a tremendous event!!!  Also a huge thanks to Christie for providing a place for all the folks from out of town to lay our heads. A huge thanks also to Parker Zirk who accompanied us and helped look after our fantastic group of kids.  

Photos below….results to follow!

Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan AGM

Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan hosted their Annual General Meeting this past weekend in Regina and Saskatoon via video conference.

SWKC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome the new CKS Whitewater Director Rik Anaka!!! He will be a fine addition to the CKS board and we look forward to working with him in the near future.

Sundre Chlorine Cup Photos


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