1st Annual Saskatoon Chlorine Cup a GREAT Success!!!

The 1st Annual Saskatoon Chlorine Cup Slalom Race and Canoe Polo Tournament this weekend has now wrapped up and we are happy to report that it was a great success!!! Paddlers young and old from Saskatchewan and Alberta flocked to the Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre for the fantastic event where they were greeted by excited coaches and volunteers eager to create a fun and exciting opportunity for some high-spirited competition.

On Saturday morning we had slalom and canoe polo clinics. SWKC’s own head coach and national slalom team coach Brendan Curson got the participants going in the slalom clinics while the Sundre Kayak Club coach and national canoe polo team member Christie Siddle ran a very exciting canoe polo clinic. Many thanks to Mike McAllister and Scott Forbes for helping out with these clinics.

Saturday evening saw the competition start with the slalom race. With a hard course, the racers proved they were ready to rip with tight races in every category. The evening was topped off with an exciting C2 show down with the paddlers pairing up and racing it out for top spot in a race full of cheering and spills!!!

Sunday morning was full of excitement as the competition resumed with the 4 on 4 Canoe Polo Tournament. It was fantastic to see national team canoe polo members playing side by side with paddlers as young as 9 years old!!! The competition was tight and fierce which only added to the excitement of the event. To finish off we held two final games of kids only and adults only. The kids game was fantastic and was a great way to finish off the weekend while in a lopsided final adult game our SWKC coach Brendan was exposed as the only player not in the national polo program and was pretty much used as a pylon by the exceptionally talented polo players.

Many thanks go out to our parent volunteers and coaches who worked very hard to bring this event to life. A special thanks also goes out to our event sponsors SaskEnergy and Kingston Sea Kayak Instruction. We would also like to thank our fantastic prize sponsors Ebs Source for Adventure, Level Six, Aquabatics, Chels Salon Spa, and Outer Limits who contributed some tremendous prizes. Thanks also goes out to the 3rd Avenue United Church for opening their doors up to our visiting paddlers and provided a great place to lay their heads.


Slalom Race

9/10/11 yr old class

  1. Sean Lockerbie – Saskatoon, SK – 158.15
  2. Seraphina Swann – Saskatoon, SK – 179.82
  3. Taiya Jablonski – Red Deer, AB – 213.49
  4. Sarah Lapointe – Saskatoon, SK – 277.76

12 yr old class

  1. Luke Jackson – Sundre, AB – 109.81
  2. Lissy Methorst – Sundre, AB – 110.65
  3. Hannah Penner – Sundre, AB – 119.34
  4. Ben Lapointe – Saskatoon, SK – 131.92

15 yr old class

  1. Ashley Cunningham – Innisfail, AB – 96.24
  2. Lauren Meservia – Sundre, AB – 122.73

Open adult class


  1. Christie Siddle – Sundre, AB – 96.34


  1. Brendan Curson – Saskatoon, SK – 77.99
  2. Scott Forbes – Edmonton, AB – 79.38
  3. Mike McAllister – Saskatoon, SK – 80.17
  4. Jason Allen – Saskatoon, SK – 81.56

C2 class

  1. Ashley & Jason – 134.92
  2. Ben & Sean – 138.11
  3. Scott & Luke – 205.61
  4. Hannah & Lissy – 210.78
  5. Lauren & Christie – 216.40
  6. Luke and Lissy – 253.97
  7. Seraphina & Sarah – 462.48

Canoe Polo

  1. Jason, Luke, Hannah, Seraphina
  2. Christie, Brendan, Lissy, Sean
  3. Keegan, Ashley, Justin, Sarah
  4. Scott, Lauren, Ben, Taiya

Sponsors and Partners:

  1. www.saskenergy.com
  2. www.kingstonkayakinstruction.com
  3. www.ebssailandsports.ca
  4. www.levelsix.com
  5. www.aquabatics.com
  6. www.chelsalonspa.com
  7. www.outerlimits.com

One thought on “1st Annual Saskatoon Chlorine Cup a GREAT Success!!!

  1. Seraphina and I officially set a record for the slowest C2 time in the history of the Saskatoon Chlorine Cup! YAY!

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