Performance Paddlesport Christmas Camp in Charlotte, NC

Holiday Camp Registration is Open

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Registration is now open for the 2009 Performance Paddlesport Holiday Camp taking place on 27 Dec 2009 through 01 Jan 2010 in Charlotte, NC. Athletes interested in taking ownership of their training and helping others with similar motivation are encouraged to attend. Coaches for the camp include Nic Borst, Cathy Hearn and Joel McCune. Registration will be limited to 28 athletes and is due by 01 Dec. Please do not hesitate to sign up as soon as possible if you are interested.

The Performance Paddlesport Holiday Camp will include daily whitewater sessions at the US National Whitewater Center, flat water sessions on the Catawba, dry land training, and seminars and discussions on relevant topics. Many of the sessions will utilize video as an integral feedback tool for technical development. This video will be made available to all athletes attending the camp. Taking advantage of this resource is highly encouraged. Video, both watching for self evaluation and watching the best in the world as a model, is an invaluable tool in realizing excellence.

Daily whitewater sessions will be at the US National Whitewater Center partially on exclusive water purchased for the purpose of this camp. Much of the focus will be on technical skill development. This includes not only the components necessary for execution in the boat, but other skills necessary to strive toward excellence. These skills include, but are not limited to, effective use of visualization, relaxation techniques, and performing on demand.

Flatwater sessions will include both time spent revisiting foundational skills and flat water gates. These sessions facilitate revisiting the building blocks of realizing slalom excellence. These skills can include boat glide, an effective catch, sequential rotation, effectively propelling the boat and efficient upstreams.

Dry land training is an essential component of slalom training. Like many other elements of slalom training, working smarter will always yield greater results than simply working harder. If working both smarter and harder, this is when excellence becomes possible. Dry land training topics will include stability, strength and conditioning.

A number of seminar and discussion sessions will be held covering topics related to slalom training. These will compliment many of the sessions conducted in the boat. Discussion topics may include visualization, race preparation, season planning and tracking training.

This camp is a great opportunity to come together for some outstanding training and kick off training for the 2010. We will work hard and have a boatload of fun in the process. Register and join us.


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