News from other parts of the world

CoachingCheck out the article from the site mentioning our coach!!!
September 3, 2009: Report from Australian Slalom Canoeist Leanne Guinnea:
“For the first time in history Women’s Canoe has been added to the International Canoe Slalom program as a demonstration event at the World Championships, which will be held in La Seu d’Urgell, Spain on September 11. This is a great step towards gender equity in Canoe Slalom.
In conjunction with the World Championships the ICF have organised a C1W development camp at which 20 women from 12 different countries are in attendance. The athletes have had the pleasure of being coached by some very experienced and insightful international coaches including Mike Druce (AUS), Cathy Hearn (USA), Jean Senneller (FRA), Pere Guerrero (ESP), Brendan Curson (CAN) and Yann Le Pennec (AUS). The Camp included work on rolling , boat outfitting and a great deal of technical coaching.

Hopefully we will see all of these women plus more at the first official C1W World Championships in Tacen, Slovenia in 2010. Nations participating in the camp: Great Britain, Australia, USA, Spain, Andorra, Japan, France, Portugal, New Zealand, Slovakia, Thailand and Canada.”


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