Slalom Boats for Sale!!!!

A note from John Hastings at Canoe Kayak Canada regarding slalom boats for sale. These prices are tremendous so if you are interested in purchasing a slalom boat this may be a great option.
ZigZag – Arc (Fabien Leferve’s boat)
Athlete: Helmut Oblinger –
Size: Good for someone between 67 – 75 kgs.
Construction: Top ZigZag construction
Price: 1000 Euros (Approximately CA$1650)
Colour: White 
ZigZag – Aska
Athlete: Violetta Oblinger-Peters –
Size: Good for someone 60 – 65kg
Construction: Top ZigZag Construction
Price: 1000 Euros (Approximately CA$1650)
Colour: White
Caiman – Torrero (comes with Boat bag) – Brand New boat
Athlete: Daniele Molmenti –
Size: Good for someone between the 65 – 70kgs
Construction: Type AR (Top-end)
PRice: 1250 Euros (Approximately CA$2075) Please note that this price is firm and if you are interested in this boat you will need to contact me by July 22nd. He will only bring this boat if someone wants to buy it. 
Double Dutch – Instinct
Athlete: Connor Curson –
Size: Good for someone 70-75 kgs
Construction: Specialist – Top construction
Price: $1800 CDN obo
Colour: Dark Blue
Kober – Carving paddle
Athlete: Connor Curson –
Size: Regular
Construction: Carbon with carbon take apart shaft
Price: $390 CDN obo
John Hastings
Canoe/Kayak Slalom High Performance Coordinator
CanoeKayak Canada
#705 – 2197 prom. Riverside Dr.
Ottawa, ON K1H7X3
P: 1.613.260.1818 ext. *2205
F: 1.613.260.5137 

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