Slalom Boats for Sale

There are a few of slalom boats for sale around the country. David Ford, 5 time Olympian and 1999 World Champion has a number of boats for sale as does Sarah Boudens, 2008 Olympian. Here are the boats for sale. Please note that the photos of the boats are from the various companies websites and do not depict exactly what the boats for sale actually look like. If you require additional info on the boats available or if you are interested in purchacing a boat please contact Brendan Curson @ For David’s boats you can also contact David directly at

David Ford’s Boats  

Galasport ToroGalasport Toro M                    $ 1,500.00 CDN
Suitable for 75 – 80 KG (165 – 176 lbs)
Carbolight construction (top level)

Very good condition, no damage. Used for only a few months in the summer
race season.

Galasport ToroGalasport Toro M (cut 5mm)            $ 1,200.00 CDN
Suitable for 70 – 75 KG (154 – 165 lbs)

Carbolight construction (top level)
Good condition, no damage

Double Dutch PrecisionDouble Dutch Precision (new for 2009)    $ 1,900.00 CDN
Suitable for 70 – 80 KG (154 – 176 lbs)
Custom construction – Very top level
This is a very easy boat to paddle with a big forgiving bow. It has good
forward speed with a fast and agile stern. Probably the most forgiving boat
that I have ever paddled.
This boat is in as new condition.

Sarah Bouden’s Boats:Vajda 350

Vajda 350 – $1500.00. Light pink with Canadian Maple Leaf on the stern. Very new condition.


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