Sprint Boats for Sale!!!!





 In case anyone is interested in a used sprint kayak or canoe, Canoe Kayak Canada is selling a number of kayaks and canoes at reduced prices. Here is the info:


The CKC Sprint High Performance Program is offering used racing kayaks and canoes for sale. Conditions of sale are:


  1. All boats are in “As Is” condition, parts are not included.
  2. It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange transport of any boats purchased.
  3. Sale will be immediate to the first buyer who offers the asking price.
  4. All offers of sale must be made by email.
  5. In the event the asking price is not reached the deadline for bids will be March 20, 2009 at which time the boat will go to the highest offer received by the deadline.
  6. Payment is cheque or money order only, payable to CanoeKayak Canada.
All boats are made by Plastex:
Type        Model       Year        Asking Price
K-2         150            2005         $1200
K-2         150            2005         $1200
K-2         170            2003         $950
K-2         180            2005         $1200
K-2         180            2005         $1200
K-2         180            2005         $1200
K-4         Men            2005         $2500
K-4         Women      2005         $2500

C-1         Olympia     2002         $500
C-1         Futura        1999         $300
C-1         Olympia     2003         $600

All inquiries and offers should be made to:

Graham Barton
High Performance Director




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